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Characteristics of Christ | RESPONSIVENESS

A 40 Day Journey to Becoming Like the One We Follow

Day 27: Responsiveness (Mark 5:30)

One indicator of good leadership, in my opinion, is the ability to respond rather than react. It's something I'm trying to get better at, honestly.

Too many leaders today are reactive. There always has to be a hot-take, an opinion, a "heated discussion" about whatever is happening in the world. And our "leaders" are reacting with harsh words, thoughtless actions, and all kinds of negative emotions.

But there's a reason EMTs are more respected and highly thought of than our politicians and newscasters. First responders are trained to do exactly that - respond. They have to know what to do in any given situation, no matter how intense, dangerous, or life-threatening. The last thing you want from a first responder is panic.

Just as Jesus was never rushed or hurried, he also never panicked. Storm threatening to sink the boat? No worries. A demon-possessed man running out to you screaming? Calm, cool, and collected. Crowd wanting to arrest and kill him? Ope, just gonna slip right past ya.

We want leaders who keep their composure, not panic. Who respond with a plan, not react in fear or anger. Who remain confidently in charge of the situation, not abandoning ship.

But there's one story in particular where maybe Jesus should have been a bit more rushed, maybe even panicked. He was on the way to heal a little girl who was sick to the point of death. The crowds were pressing in against him as they tried to make their way to the house. But then Jesus stopped. He was so in tune with God's power at work within him that he felt someone get healed by touching his clothes.

He stopped. Time is of the essence, and he stopped in the middle of the road and wouldn't proceed until he figured out what happened. Finally a woman came forward, and Jesus commended her faith.

Jesus was responsive to the needs of others. She needed not just healing but restoration into the community. Jesus knew her story needed to be told.

But what about the girl? Oh, she died. But she got better.

Like Jesus, let's be more responsive and less reactive.

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