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More than a feeling?

Today’s post will be important to show what attitudes we need to avoid as we look into evidence on the Bible, God, and Jesus. 

      Recently, I was watching a youtube video of an ex-Mormon, Andy Poland, who got out of Mormonism through biblical evidence of the manuscripts and scripture to become a Christian.  This video is really a good testimony and I encourage you to watch it sometime.  You can find it on Youtube with the keywords of Andy Poland or Ex-Mormon and the video is 45 minutes so I can’t give you the whole story.  Andy explained how he was raised a Mormon and how he become dependent on his feelings to do the “right” thing in the Mormon faith.  He thought he was to become a “Prophet” in the Mormon faith from his peaceful easy feelings.  He got some “good” revelations with those “peaceful” feelings. Then he got a revelation that his wife would die during the childbirth of their second child and the woman living their house would be his second wife!!  However, his wife survived the childbirth and this false revelation made him realize he was not a true “Prophet”.  After his “false” revelation, Andy had a hard time distinguishing if his revelations were from God or Satan since they all were accompanied with a “peaceful easy” feeling.  Andy did kick the woman out of his house and remained with his wife.  It took a long process but Andy and his wife did convert to “Biblical” Christianity as Andy put it.

     I brought this story up because in the Christian faith there are some Christians who rely too much on their feelings to confirm their faith is true to Jesus.  Most of the churches in the charismatic movement fall into this category but there are some non-charismatic churches that do as well.  Christians that rely heavily on their emotions to affirm their faith tend to become legalistic and judgmental as well go astray of God’s Truth to form cultic churches in Jesus’ name.  Major red flags are 1) Members will look down on other members or outsiders (including other Christians) if they don’t follow their code of conduct or appearance. 2) Shun ex-communicated members of their group or the “evil” people outside of group.  3) Believe a member having “good” experiences in life are “true” followers and a member having “bad” experiences in life have a “hidden” sin they are struggling with. 4) If anyone leaves the group or church they are lost to hell or they are the only “true” church.  Major problem with these kinds of behavior is it develops pride not love. Now I don’t think all charismatic Christians are bad but I also don’t think all non-charismatic Christians are good. 

     One of the reasons that Christians cannot rely on their emotions or should I say their heart only is from Jeremiah 7:9 “The (human) heart is more deceitful than anything else and is incurable-who can understand it.”  I believe if you want to attain spiritual maturity in Christ then use all these things:

Holy Spirit,Bible, Mind, and Feelings/convictions.  You should use them in that order.  The Holy Spirit confirms our belief in Jesus Christ.  Romans 9:1 says “I am telling the truth in Christ.  I am not lying my conscience testifies for me in the Holy Spirit.”  1st Corinthians 2:10 also says “But God has revealed them (wisdom) to us through His Spirit.  For the Spirit searches all things, yes, the deep things of God.” We need to rely on the Holy Spirit for answers when we read the Bible.  We need to let the Holy Spirit give us the information so our mind can understand what is true of God and ask the Holy Spirit if our feelings are from God or not.

Evidence for Christianity is steady and never changes while feelings change at "drop of a hat". The Bible is just a book without the guidance of the Holy Spirit.



                                                                                         Kevin J. Garrison

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