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Characteristics of Christ | POWER

A 40 Day Journey to Becoming Like the One We Follow

Day 25: Power (Mark 4:41)

I don't think most of us know what real power is.

We can get close. Maybe you've been to an Indy Car race as the drivers barrel down the track at breakneck speeds, engines roaring. Maybe you've been to a monster truck rally, as the vehicular behemoths fly through the air over a pile of crushed cars. Maybe you've seen a feat of athletic performance that left you stunned and speechless.

But what is real power? What would we even do if we encountered it?

We have the technology to predict a storm, but we are nowhere near powerful enough to stop a storm dead in its tracks. We can treat mental illness, but we are nowhere near powerful enough to cure someone outright. We can provide medical treatment, but we can't bring the dead back to life.

Jesus could. He could do all those things. Mark 4:35 through the end of ch 5 contains the most prominent displays of Christ's power while here on earth. He calmed a storm, drove out demons, healed an incurable disease, and raised a girl from the dead.

And how did people react? They were terrified!

Which is more terrifying: the storm or someone who can control the weather? the demons or the one who can command the demons? death or the one who can bend it to his own will?

When we come face to face with real power we can't help but be dreadfully aware of our own powerlessness - and that's horrifying. God's power is something to be feared, revered, and respected. But God is good. Jesus is good. The Spirit is good.

Let's reflect in awe and wonder on the one whose power is on full display around us and in us and through us.

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