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Characteristics of Christ | COMFORT

A 40 Day Journey to Becoming Like the One We Follow

Day 26: Comfort (Matthew 11:28-30)

We all like to be comfortable. Sometimes we take that to the extreme. How many of us stocked up on comfy pants during COVID lockdowns? You probably have a comfortable chair you always sit in. You develop routines because going through the same routines is comfortable.

There are definitely times when Jesus challenges this kind of comfort - take up your cross and follow me, and so on. But Jesus also offered comfort, too. The crowds were like sheep without a shepherd. They were living under an oppressive governmental system, made worse by an oppressive religious system, too. Life seemed bleak and hopeless for many.

The prevailing idea was that if they just tried hard enough and followed the religious laws closely enough, then God would act on their behalf to drive out the oppressors and reestablish Israel as an independent nation once again. It was a pipe dream. No one could live up to that level of religious perfection.

It was like a heavy yoke strapped around your shoulders weighing you down. You couldn't win! There were no good options for the average Jew.

And then Jesus came along. He empowered people to break free from the yokes of bondage, whether political or religious. He offered a new way, a way that was difficult, yes, but it ultimately brought freedom and comfort.

If you're weary, stressed out, riddled with anxiety, struggling under the weight of life - come to Jesus. No yelling. No judgment. No "you should..." No "if I were you..." No "I told you so."

Just rest and peace and comfort. His yoke is easy - there is still work to do but he is no slave driver. His burden is light - take the weight off your shoulders and let him carry it for a bit. He's humble and gentle, no drill sergeant. You'll find rest for the deep part of you that's always tired. Real rest.

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