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ALWAYS BE READY “Preparedness=Enthusiasm”

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

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      You’ve probably noticed I’ve made several posts almost daily and that is because I wrote them a while back and sent them to Pastor Daniel for approval. He was gone one week then he had a busy schedule so he wasn’t able to read them immediately.  When he did read them, he set up the blog then scheduled the letters to post daily on blog.  Now they all have been posted so I will probably not post as often. I hope this will be a continuous series of posts because there are many things to do to be more prepared to share you faith in Jesus.  I’m not writing these letters to sound smart, heck, I didn’t start getting A’s and B’s til 5th grade then in college I only had 2.5 gpa so I’m just your average “Joe” which by the way is my middle name. Hey, Joe Martin, I don’t think you’re just average!

    Last letter I shared how we have thousands of manuscript copies of the New Testament. Why do we have so many?  One reason I think is that the early Christians knew they had a message of hope therefore they wanted it to spread to all regions and keep a record of it. Another reason was that they suffered persecution and anytime manuscripts of the Christian faith were found they were destroyed so the early Christians some which weren’t professional scribes kept on copying as many times as they could to preserve the message of hope. They were prepared to die for making those copies to spread the message of hope. Atheists don’t have a message of hope therefore that might explain why only around 5% of the total global population are Atheists. 84% of the world has some kind of spiritual affiliation but even the 11% with no spiritual affiliation they are thinking there is some higher power in the universe. We need to be prepared to share the message of hope in Jesus Christ.

     Do you remember those days in school when you dreaded the day of a test to take and there usually someone in the class similar to a “Steve Urkel” who was excited to take the test and you just wished they would disappear or go somewhere else!

You know why they were excited because they were prepared. The level of your enthusiasm in sharing your faith of Jesus is determined by how prepared you are in doing it.

   In these letters, I’m giving you tools to be better prepared to share you faith. Jim Warner Wallace, in his book “Forensic Faith”, compares Christians who are ready to share their faith to First Responders like Police, Paramedics, or Firemen.  They have special uniforms and they go through some intense training to be prepared for all situations. Similarly, Christians need to be prepared to share in any situation and at anytime.  Evangelism is a 24/7 and 365 days endeavor.  Evangelism involves training not just taking a class on a book.  It’s ok to read, study, and mediate on the Bible, go to a small group, go to Sunday School class, or even go to church service to improve our character to be like Jesus but if we don’t train to share our faith and the message of hope then we’re missing the boat hence Jesus wants us to be fishers of mankind. So do you want to get on the boat to fish people to Jesus?! I truly believe that God has people appointed to come in our path of life to share our faith in Jesus.

     Do you want to be prepared and have enthusiasm? Learn all tools of sharing your faith and you can be prepared! I’m still learning new things and I want be the best first responder for Jesus I can be. It takes time and it takes training. I’m not implying you have to get a degree in apologetics but rather get informed then apply the knowledge to use in your daily life.  Jim Warner Wallace says we don’t need more million dollar apologists but $1 apologist. $1 apologists learn skills in their spare time so you just need to do your best in what you know. Remember, the level of your preparation to share your faith determines the amount of your enthusiasm.  Next letter I’ll give some practical tips to prepare you to share your faith in Jesus.





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