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ALWAYS BE READY “Is It a Matter of FAITH?” Part 4

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

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    Here’s another story, JP Moreland, Christian apologist, was visiting his dentist who was a Christian as well and JP could hear him witnessing to another patient through portable partition.  When he was finished and came to attend on JP, He said “good job doc and were you able to answer his questions?” The dentist replied, “I don’t worry about those things because at the end day it all comes down to “Faith”!  What did he mean by that?  Is Faith just having a conviction that is Christianity is true and don’t have to think about it?

     Sean McDowell, when he was 19 and in first year of college, he saw on the internet atheists debunking his dad’s book”Evidence that demands a verdict” and this in the 1990’s when internet was just beginning.  Sean started to have doubts about Christianity being true so he wanted to talk to his dad which seemed intimidating at the time since his dad did wrote the book and has traveled the world proclaiming Christianity is true.  They were having coffee in a restaurant and Sean said, “Dad, I’m looking for truth and I’m not sure Christianity is true.” Josh replied, “I think that’s great son.” Sean goes, “Didn’t you hear what I said!”  Josh: “I did hear you and I think if you are searching for truth I’m confident it will lead you to Jesus.  Don’t walk away from it(Christianity) just out of spite like some have done growing up in church.  Only walk away if you looked at the evidence and don’t believe it’s true but I’m still confident you’ll find the truth in Jesus but whatever you decide you know your mom and I will still love you no matter what!”  Wow that’s some kind of advice. Would you as a parent be able to say that or would you ban them to their room til they believed, or would you say “I believe so can you if you just have more faith!”.  Are you able to explain to your children or grandchildren why you believe Christianity is true, if they came to you with questions about Christianity could you answer them? Sean has gone on to be a  Christian apologist and professor at Biola University(Christian university) plus he helped his dad update his book”Evidence that Demands a Verdict” in 2016.

   I encourage any parent or grandparent to have an open dialogue about beliefs in Christianity with their kids . Even if you haven’t looked at the evidence yet look at them together as a family and discuss them. Here’s a great resource for that, “Cold-Case Christianity for kids” why even college students get this for a quick read.  Like Josh did with his son, you have to let your child decide for themselves but if you have faith by the New Testament definition you can the same confidence like Josh did with Sean to arrive at truth in Jesus.

       Faith by today’s definition has had a devastating impact on the church and believers in Christ within the last century.  We’ve been told not to doubt but just have faith and believe and the church has allowed the universities, Hollywood, and even mainstream media to build our faith on just our convictions and feelings.  The secular world is telling us that our beliefs can’t be measured by any knowledge therefore our minds are useless to think Christianity is true.  However, various people in the last 50 years have told that’s not true.  They show there is evidence that Christianity can be true but you have look at the evidence and make your verdict. Is it just a matter of faith? It depends on which definition you apply, the New Testament definition or the modern definition.


                                           Kevin J. Garrison

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