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So, you've been "Ducked." What now?



Pass It On

If you received a duck from someone, just know that you have been prayed for. If you feel the need to pass it on, please do so. We only ask that you make sure you do pray for the recipient of the duck. 


Share With Us

If you have received a duck, take a minute and share your thoughts with us. If you are on Facebook or Instagram, post a picture of you and/or your duck and type #duckduckjesus and #praylovepassiton in the text space or you can tag Tulip Street Christian Church so that we can see it. 


If you do not use social media, we still encourage you to share your thoughts with us at

Image by Ben White


Who Will You Pray For?

The goal of "Duck, Duck, Jesus" is... spread Jesus' love, through prayer, in our community. get our community talking about Jesus and prayer. spread love and unity among our sister churches by praying for a fresh out pouring of the Spirit on the body of Christ in our communities. 


Feel free to give them to a friend or a family member but you're also encouraged to share with others in your community. Here are some unique ideas to share your duck and your prayers.


  • Leave one on someone's car

  • Give one to the worker in the drive thru or to your restaurant server

  • Leave one for the car behind you in the drive thru

  • Leave on on a walking path and pray for the person who finds it. 

  • Leave one while at the Library.

  • Leave one in your grocery cart

  • Leave one at the gas pump.


Keep Praying

These are just a few ideas. Use your imagination, get creative, and have fun BUT most importantly...


Image by Chris Liverani
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