Student Ministry

Our teen ministry, middle school through high school, continues the same goal as our children's ministry - to connect teens to the cross of Christ.  During the crucible of middle school and high school, we have passionate volunteers with a strong faith share that faith with our teens, helping them to think biblically in a culture that would like nothing more than to see our teens fall prey to all sorts of devilish schemes.  So we pull no punches about issues like sex, drugs, pride, envy, anger, lying, greed...  But we also pull no punches about issues like forgiveness, repentance, love, peace, salvation - because WE would like nothing more than to see your teen equipped to take on the world in all the most important ways!  Sunday mornings, Wednesday evenings, special events, conferences, service projects - all are designed to make you as a parent or care-giver more effective in YOUR ministry to your teen.

upcoming events

On May 15 from 9pm to 2am the Student Ministry will have a digital game night. This will function just like the digital lock-in but will not last all night. Students who want to attend should have Discord, and video games downloaded in advance. Video games that were popular last game night were Call of Duty: Warzone, Fortnite, and Minecraft. There are also games available for individuals who do not have a console or computer. If there are any questions, parents should feel free to contact Ken