The spiritual greenhouse

While church is a wonderful place to learn from others and form lasting and deep relationships to build one another up, the Bible is pretty clear - faith is supposed to begin at home.  The family unit was the first praise-and-worship team, in the Garden of Eden.  And while perfection didn't last, the model has.  So we don't try to replace parents, care-givers, spouses, or other vital relationships - we seek to enhance them.  As this area of ministry grows, expect to see more resources to come alongside and equip.  Because it matters very little what is happening at church if it isn't happening in the home.  We really mean that.  So whether that is a traditional family of mom and dad, 2.2 kids, half a dog, 3 cats, and a white picket fence, or you are a single parent just trying to make ends meet, or a senior adult who is lonely, we want to come alongside you in a way that helps you integrate your faith and your home in a Kingdom-building, Christ-exalting, God-glorifying way!