The goal of our nursery through 5th grade ministry is to foster an environment where kids are connected to the cross of Christ.  We believe that a firm foundation starts at the very beginning, and so from our regular teams of extraordinary volunteers leading weekly Sunday morning and Wednesday night classes, to special events like VBS and Parent Dedications, our singular goal is to come alongside families in equipping them to be the spiritual greenhouses for their children!  Plan to model the best for your kids and grandkids as you plug into adult ministries that enhance your ability to capitalize on these very crucial years in the spiritual development of your young ones!

A quick word on church security

Church security has become an ever-increasing front-page issue.  While many of the headlines are focused on shootings and other mass violence, crazy things happen all the time, and church is no exception.  So we take precautions.  Call us over-protective.  We can handle that.  But please don't ask us to change our safety protocols.  We see ministry as a sacred stewardship - and so we want to keep your kiddos safe, just like you.  So we lock certain doors so that they are exit-only.  We require parents to sign in and sign out their kids.  Even the "regulars".  We ask volunteers to undergo background checks.  Because we recognize that just because we are  welcoming church doesn't mean we aren't vigilant.  We take safety seriously here.  Seriously.  For you and your children.