Adult Ministry

At Tulip Street, we place a high priority on discipling adults.  By discipling, we mean helping adults grow up in their faith.  We make ministry to adults a point of investment for us, because we know that ministry to adults, done right, will definitely then be ministry to teens and children.  We have men's and women's groups, mixed bible studies, groups that meet on Sunday morning and Wednesday nights, and several areas to plug in to serve.  We desire to be a church that knows Christ through study and prayer, loves one another through living out our faith in the context of the church, and serves together.  Email Jim with any questions you have.  The best way to learn about adult ministries at TSCC is to jump in!

Where will i fit?

TSCC has a pretty simplified model of ministry to adults.  That being said, there are a lot of choices, and it can be a little daunting, at first.  Basically, if you are looking for a place to plug in, men's and women's ministry are a great place to get connected to others who can help you navigate our particular waters.  Everything from fellowship events, service projects and ministries, to studies that run the gamut of intensity - you will find these within the men's and women's ministries.

There are also plenty of opportunities at various times throughout the year to plug into a group study with other couples, or to start your own study.  We love it when folks communicate their passion for following Jesus in creative ways to serve, study, and journey together.  Don't be shy - jump in!