How we roll...

As an independent Christian Church, Tulip Street has no set liturgy, but our gathering times follow a pretty familiar format designed to draw us closer to the Lord Jesus and to each other.  So for a Sunday morning, it might look like this:  You rush out the door like crazy, holler at the kids a little, arrive at church at 9 or a little before, and then go connect with other folks who've done the same.  Misty will have the coffee ready, and Darrin will be ready to lead you through some time in the Bible, using Lifeway's Bible Studies for Life curriculum.  At about 9:45, Darrin wraps up, and then you can connect with others about their week, investigate ways to plug into other happenings around TSCC, or just drink some more coffee. 

At 10, Tyson will begin leading us in some songs to draw our hearts together in praise to God.  We will take communion together, gather up an offering together, and then Jim will bring a word from the Word, talking through scripture to help us make much of Jesus in our lives.  The message will always be about Jesus, and how we can align with Him in His mission of making disciples.  About 11 or a little after, we will sing a song we refer to as invitation, which is not a time to weird you out, but if God is moving you to some further steps, we want to walk through that with you.  Pretty straightforward, pretty simple. 

dress code...  not!

So - we have folks that dress all sorts of ways.  We don't like saying, "we're casual," because some folks dress up.  We don't like to say, "we're dressy," because some folks dress casual.  We want you to bring your heart, dressed however you deem fit - that's between you and God.  Your heart is what we're interested in, because that's what Jesus is interested in.  Besides, as we all know, looks can be deceiving :-)