our mission...

At Tulip Street Christian Church, our mission is focused and simplified - we exist to reconcile people to God through Christ. What does that mean? In the most plain language, we want to help everyone be on speaking terms with God, and that really only happens through a relationship with His Son, Jesus Christ. So in practice, everything we do revolves around knowing Christ more fully, loving one another more deeply, and serving the world around sacrificially. Jesus said to go and make disciples. He said that in making disciples, we were to teach everything He commanded - which is also pretty simple, because He broke it down to two that encapsulated everything: Love God with our whole selves, and love our neighbor as ourselves. So we invest ourselves in the task of obeying Jesus in the context of our hearts, our homes, and here, in our faith community and beyond. The stakes are high - eternity hinges for each of us on what we do with Jesus - being reconciled to God is the most important thing in anyone's life. So we desire to develop your heart for Jesus, your home as a place of spiritual formation, and here, TSCC, as a church where we grow together in our faith to be the church Jesus calls us to be - people on speaking terms with God. When you worship with us, our desire is that you will want to do the same!"


Tulip Street Christian Church is focused on making disciples. That sounds kinda churchy, and we recognize that. So suffice it to say that within our mission, our focus is to develop our people into a healthy, thriving relationship with God through Christ Jesus, His Son, empowered by the Holy Spirit. OK, so that sounded VERY church, didn't it? The fact that each person you and me have ever locked eyes with has an eternal soul that will live one of two places gives an urgency to our message. We don't shy from that. Instead, we embrace it. We have processes (we don't necessarily like the word program - we aren't computers, we are people) that help our people grow into deeper relationship with Christ and with each other, building the heart, the home, and here.

Our connection points are Sunday morning, starting at 9AM, with classes for all ages. At 10AM we have collective worship, and on Wednesday evenings, we have a meal at 6PM with classes for all ages as well beginning at 7PM. There are many ministries available where you can be a part - men's and women's ministries, children's and teen ministries, serving teams, and many others. We invite you to jump in to the heartbeat here! 


Church Security

Church security has become an ever-increasing front-page issue. While many of the headlines are focused on shootings and other mass violence, crazy things happen all the time, and church is no exception. So we take precautions. Call us over-protective. We can handle that. But please don't ask us to change our safety protocols. We see ministry as a sacred stewardship - and so we want to keep all of our attendees safe. 

  • On Wednesday evenings and after 10:10 am on Sunday mornings, all outside doors become exit-only doors except for one, the south gym doors. If you are attending our Wednesday night services or running a little behind on Sunday morning, you will need to enter through the unlocked door for entry. 
  • Parents must sign their children in and out every Wednesday night, even the "regulars", to be sure all children are released to those allowed to pick them up. 
  • All volunteers are required to undergo background checks before allowing them to work with any child under the age of 18. 

We recognize that just because we are a welcoming church, it doesn't mean we aren't vigilant. We take safety seriously here. Thank you for your understanding.