Our Mission...

At Tulip Street Christian Church, our mission is focused and simplified - we want to be the hands and feet of Jesus.  What does that mean?  That in practice, everything we do revolves around knowing Christ more fully, loving one another more deeply, and serving the world around sacrificially.  Jesus said to go and make disciples.  So our feet take us there.  He said that in making disciples, we were to teach everything He commanded - which is also pretty simple, because He broke it down to two that encapsulated everything:  Love God with our whole selves, and love our neighbor as ourselves.  So we put our hands to the task of obeying that in the context of our hearts, are homes, and here, in our faith community and beyond. 

The stakes are high - eternity hinges for each of us on what we do with Jesus.  So we desire to develop your heart for Jesus, your home as a place of spiritual formation, and here, TSCC, as a church where we grow together in our faith to be the church Jesus calls us to be.  When you worship with us, our desire is that you will want to do the same!

When we meet...

We meet on Sunday mornings at 9 for Bible Study, and at 10 for worship together.  Coffee in its various forms is available, and once in a while, something sweet.  There are groups for all ages, and there are both a staffed nursery and preschool group, as well.

On Wednesday evening, we have a simple meal provided by one of our cook teams, and then we have group studies for all ages.  We break in the summer, this year around the middle of May, but folks stayed connected through various other groups and studies.  

We also have groups that meet at other times in the week.  If you are looking for a place to disappear, TSCC may not be for you.  We place a high value on relationship, and believe that church is as much about what you bring to the table as what you take away.  So we want you to plug in with us, warts and all (our warts...  but you can bring yours, too!).


No updates or closings at this time.

Focused -

Tulip Street Christian Church is focused on making disciples.  That sounds kinda churchy, and we recognize that.  So suffice it to say that within our mission, our focus is to develop our people into a healthy, thriving relationship with God through Christ Jesus, His Son, empowered by the Holy Spirit.  Ok, so that sounded very churchy, didn't it?  The fact that each person you and me have ever locked eyes with has an eternal soul that will live one of two places gives an urgency to our message.  We don't shy from that.  Instead, we embrace it.  We have processes (we don't necessarily like the word program - we aren't computers, we are people) that help our people grow into deeper relationship with Christ and with each other, building the heart, the home, and here. 

Our connection points are Sunday morning, starting at 9 a.m., with groups for all ages.  At 10 a.m. we have collective worship, and on Wednesday evenings, we have a meal at 6 p.m. and groups for all ages, as well.  There are other groups to be a part of - men's and women's ministries, serving teams, and other great places to plug in.  We invite you to jump in to the heartbeat here!  For more information on various ways to plug in, contact Jim at jim@tulipstreet.com.