UPDATE 10/11/2018: 3 Trees on north side of Orchard St. were removed by the city. 

TSCC “Stormwater Issues” Report

During the BridgeBuilder workday on Saturday, Oct 6, the brush and tree row bordering Mrs. Briscoe’s house was cleared. This was in conjunction with the stormwater issue and safety issues described below.


10/3/19 Max met with city street authorities (Mr. Duncan and Mr. Mosier) on site to discuss the stormwater issue.


Findings: Razing of Henderson house changed the flow of the stormwater east rather than south. (Duncan)


    Culverts on north edge of Orchard are  not effective; no flow at all toward drain at  the corner of 9th      and Orchard Streets.


Suggested Solutions:

~Dig low ditch from TSCC west     property line to storm drain at the corner.

 ~Install 3-20’ culverts at the parking lot and the alley entrances.

 ~Remove the 3 trees on north side of   Orchard St. and in front of TSCC parking that block the flow of          the surface ditch.


The city will perform the above tasks: the ditch; the culverts; the trees.


This allows for TSCC to reconfigure the parking drainage and parking pattern.

Transiting and grading will be necessary.



Property break with Mrs. Briscoe’s will be discussed with her. Legal property line description will be ascertained.